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Rainbow Wholefoods is a wholefood shop of some standing.

You’ll find us in the centre of Norwich, with a nationwide reputation.

A champion of organic produce and GM-free goods (amongst other things) we sell over 2,500 wonderful products.

All of them vegetarian, and many of them vegan.

Everything from seaweed to cereals, you’ll find it here.

We are as passionate about wholefoods at Rainbow as when we started going on 40 years ago.

Please come and enjoy our shop.

You can eat upstairs in the independently-run Wild Thyme restaurant. It’s completely vegetarian and the food is outstandingly good.

Our shop

Rainbow Wholefoods has been at Old Fire Station Stables, Labour In Vain Yard since the summer of 2004.

So it’s still a new shop to us.

It’s a far cry from our original premises in Dove Street, where Richard Austin started trading
in 1976.

The boldly-designed environmentally-friendly, completely glass-fronted shop has been converted from what were, in the mid-19th century, the stables of Norwich Fire Station.

Labour In Vain Yard is a fantastic setting for the shop and it means we can now fit in more wonderful products, and many, many more customers.

To our great relief our re-located shop’s been a success since the first day.

What do we offer?

Rainbow Wholefoods has never altered its reason for being: to offer our customers the finest range of wholefoods that we possibly can, at reasonable prices and to trade in a responsible way.

Some customers have been with us since 1976, which we hope says something about us.

We stock over 2,500 products today, over 1,500 of them organic.

All of them vegetarian, many of them vegan, all of them GM-free - Rainbow Wholefoods was the first wholefood company in the country to be guaranteed GM-free.

Great service

As one of the longest-established wholefood shops, we’re full of expertise and knowledge about wholefoods.

We enjoy helping our customers and advising them in any way we can. Please ask us: if we don’t know the answer, we’ll do our best to find out.

We hope you’ll find us a friendly bunch. We like to welcome old and new friends into the shop.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Where is the Rainbow Wholefoods shop?
A: Old Fire Station Stables, Labour In Vain Yard. We’re open 6 days a week (except Sunday) 9 till 6pm.

Q: Do you stock many certified organic products?
A: We carry over 2,500 products, over 1,500 of which are organic. Our organic range includes freshly baked bread, and fruit and veg, much of which is locally grown. We’re Soil Association approved manufacturers and packers and have specialist knowledge of organic issues.

Q: How much choice do I have if I’m vegetarian?
A: Rather a lot. All 2,500 of our products are vegetarian.

Q: Where do you stand on GM?
A: We actively oppose it. All our products are GM-free. How do we know? We insist on a written guarantee from our suppliers.

Q: How many varieties of tea do you have?
A: We stock over 60 different types of tea.

Q: Do you sell sushi?
A: We do - our range of Japanese and Thai foods are amazing.

Q: I'm not vegetarian, but I am keen to eat healthily - do you have things to interest me?
A: Oh yes. We have lots of customers who aren’t veggie, the shop’s just full of good things to eat and enjoy.

Q: I have strict dietary requirements. Can you help?
A: Yes, we have lots of foods that are gluten-free, dairy or sugar-free and we’ve got lots of
customers like yourself.

Q: Are you expensive?
A: No, our prices are very reasonable.

Q: Is Fair Trade something you care about?
A: It most certainly is. You’ll find lots of Fair Trade products on our shelves.

Q: Do you ever want to see another fire again anywhere, ever??
A: No.