The restaurant

Wild Thyme is currently closed following the fire in the shop below. We will update with any news as and when we know what is happening and when. We believe that Wild Thyme will re-open in Labour In Vain Yard in late February 2019 (about two or three weeks before we move back). Please check their website for precise details.
Wild Thyme opened their doors in November 2014 and have been wonderful ever since that day.
It's an all vegetarian cafe/restaurant serving beautifully prepared meals, snacks and cakes (and yannoh). There's Organic and Fairtrade on offer as well as vegan and gluten free things. Lots of them.
How good is it? Really very good indeed. Have a look at their website: Or see what people write about this gorgeous place on Tripadvisor.

The phone number is (01603) 765562
Opening hours are: Mon 12-5pm, Tue-Wed 10am-5pm, Thur-Sat 10am-8:30pm and a bit later.

Lovely food, lovely room and lovely people. Rainbow recommended.