Rainbow Wholefoods has always held strong views about the way we do things.

We're deeply committed to stocking decent products, treating people decently and charging a fair price for what we do.

Rainbow Wholefoods is firmly opposed to animal testing and yes, we've campaigned vigorously against GM products (our shop and warehouse were the first in the UK to be completely GM-free).

We're 100% vegetarian and specialise in organic products (we've been members of the Soil Association since we started trading and are certified Soil Association manufacturers and packers).

Where do our beliefs come from?
Many of the people who do work, and have worked, at Rainbow Wholefoods have brought with them ideas and principles, some Buddhist, which have greatly affected the way in which we work. We see our work as a Right Livelihood concern which means that we're dedicated to helping each other to act as positively, and as properly, as we can. We hope that this motivation will underpin every decision and act that is taken at Rainbow Wholefoods.

Above all, we try to be helpful, useful and friendly toward our suppliers, our customers, each other and anyone else that we come into contact with.