Rainbow began wholesaling in 1980.

That makes us one of the longest-established wholefood wholesalers in the country.

Our customers tell us we're one of the best, too.

Though Rainbow today bears little resemblance to the original model in terms of its size - over 5,000 magnificent products and around 40 people to help you - we retain the same core values we set out with.

To provide our customers with the finest wholefoods we can find, at a fair and reasonable price.
And to do it with a level of service - speedy, efficient and always friendly - that will keep every single one of our customers happy and contented.

Customers come first

Rainbow Wholefoods works with some of the UK's largest organisations - and many of the smallest. Lots of them have been our customers for a great many years, which should tell you
a great deal about us.

We aim to please every one of you.

Quality counts

We offer top quality products that we enjoy using ourselves (many of our suppliers have been with us a long time). We're always on the lookout for exciting new products that meet our strict quality criteria: 100% vegetarian, GM-free and a minimum of colourings, preservatives and sweeteners.

Price discounts and special offers

You'll find Rainbow Wholefoods offers extremely generous discounts, lots of promotions and very keen prices.

Over 2,800 organic products

We sell over 2,800 organic products. An extremely large range by anyone's standards.

It reflects our dedication to the development of organic farming and produce in this country and abroad.

Rainbow Wholefoods is a Soil Association certified manufacturer and packer and our links to the Soil Association go back to our inception.

Richard Austin, Rainbow Wholefoods' founder, has spoken on TV and radio about many issues concerning organic food and farming, and Rainbow Wholefoods remains committed to sourcing more and more organic products to offer you.

Rainbow Wholefoods is equally committed to GM-free products. We simply won't sell any product that isn't guaranteed to be GM-free. Every one of our order forms insists that no GM goods are sold to us.

Indeed, we were the first company in the UK to guarantee its product list entirely free of GM products. Rainbow Wholefoods has lobbied at Westminster, Brussels and in the USA against GM farming.

We're also committed to Fair Trade and you'll find lots of Fair Trade products on our list.

East Anglia being the wonder that it is, we love to supply local products as well. After all, there aren't many food miles from Poringland.

We're keen on environmentally friendly non-food items, too. And of course we won't sell anything that has been tested on animals.

We're here to help

Everyone says they provide great service. Well, we think we do too.

Order by 10.30am and we'll get your order to you the very next day.

If we don't have a line that you're interested in, we'll try to find it for you.

We're always on the end of the phone, so if you need our help, please ask.

Ordering hints

Online ordering is the best way for us to receive your order. It makes things extra clear and therefore extra quick.
We also quite like the good old fax or telephone, or email (only to please) or, if you must, carrier pigeon.

Frequently asked questions

Q How many vegetarian lines have you?
A Over 5,000. Every one of our products is 100% vegetarian.

Q Where do you stand on GM?
A Passionately opposed to it. Rainbow Wholefoods was the first company in the UK to guarantee its entire Price List was 100% GM-free. Our founder, Richard Austin, formed GM Alert, a group of wholefood companies organised to lobby Westminster, Brussels and USA against GM foods and inform the public about the important issues involved.

Q How long have you been trading?
A We are very nearly 40 years old. We will celebrate our 40th birthday in December this year. It gives us a great deal of experience to offer and means that there will be a lot of candles on our cake!

Q Where is Rainbow Wholefoods based?
A In Norwich. But we deliver across East Anglia and a long way beyond.

Q Do you have many organic products?
A Do we?! Over 2,800 fantastic organic lines. We've been behind organic goods since day one. We sell everything from poppy seeds to poppadums and you'll find our organic range is very large indeed.

Q How can I order?
A Online (we like this best), by fax (we like this a lot), telephone, e-mail ( or in person, whichever suits you best. We can even weld your company into our computer if you are a regular.

Q Can I visit your warehouse?
A From 9am to 4.30pm. Let us have your order in advance if you don't want to wait while we collate it.

Q Can I pick my orders up from the warehouse?
A Yes. Minimum order is only £50 and you may get an extra 1% discount.

Q Is there anything you don't sell?
A Garden Sheds.