We have substantially upgraded our on-line facility. The majority of our range is available for deliveries by bike within Norfolk and by van elsewhere. Customers are also welcome to use our site to send Click&Collect orders. Details are available at

We have moved our shop from Labour In Vain Yard to Davey Place (the pedestrian street between Norwich Castle and Norwich Market) at the beginning of July 2021. Our new shop, which we have completely renovated, is in the old Jessops building next to Lloyds Bank. We have a dedicated refill station as well as all the foods and non-foods that you would expect.

To help keep our customers, ourselves and the general public safe, we would ask that customers wear a mask in our shop if they are able to do so. We constantly monitor developments with the pandemic very closely and make relevant changes to our policies as they become appropriate. Thank you for your patience during the pandemic which is greatly appreciated.