What we sell

Over 2,500 fantastic products. Over 1,500 of them organic.

Our products are 100% vegetarian - and GM-free.

Rainbow Wholefoods was the first GM-free shop in the UK.

We offer a large range of organic products.

We sell all the things you’d expect from a good wholefood store - and much, much more.

Nuts, pulses, grains and seeds. Pasta, rice, seasonings, sauces, crisps and biscuits and cakes.

Teas, coffees, cool drinks - spreads, pre-cooked foods, fruit bars and oils.

We’ve a great range of Japanese and Thai foods, and all kinds of supplements, remedies, soaps and cleaners.

That’s just a small taster of what’s in store.

We also offer:
- Gluten-free foods
- Sugar-free foods
- Eco-friendly non-foods
- Macrobiotic foods
- Salt-free foods
- Chilled and frozen organic foods
- Fair-trade goods
- Dairy-free foods
- Raw Foods

We try to select foods which contain an absolute minimum of preservatives,
sweeteners and colourings.

And, of course, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our shop,
we’ll do our best to find it for you.